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THE HEADLINE Makes Headlines.

The recently renovated Clock Court Mall faces a tough situation when on ~̶̧̹͖͔̳̈͛̓̀̽̊̿̉̾͆͜~̴̥̥̹̜͊̿̀͑`̴̭͇̖̠͕͚͌́̑́͛̃͠͝`̸̤͐̌̔~̸͕͚̬͋̑̌͘day a young man named Parker Green brought a pistol into the shopping center and fired at the new animatronic star The Headline and then at himself ending his own life. Mall officials estimate  over 250 in attendance at the mall that day a majority of which were there to watch the animatronic show as a brand new set was being debut at the time of the incident. Witnesses of this event say when the robot was shot many scattered and hid in whatever store they could, but security couldn't stop parker before he shot himself soon after the robot. Everyone we spoke to said the robot screamed when shot, reacted almost as if it was in pain by grabbing at the "wound" Parker left. Despite his human-like reaction, mall officials (and some patrons, who attempted to aid the machine) confirmed that the robot was just that, and no person other than the Parker

Re: Parker Paranormal

 On Sat, `̴̭͇̖͌́̑́͛̃͠͝~̸͕͋̑̌͘ XX, 20XX, 4:32 PM Diana Zachlan <> wrote: Good Evening Team, As I'm sure some of you have encountered already there is a college aged young man inquiring a lot about our Headline animatronic. We have seen his blog and are monitoring it, and we request you do the same. Typically we appreciate attention given to our new attraction, however what concerns us is his intention to break into the mall. If you see him anywhere on premises please just call the cops and let us know. I don't think he is dangerous but we don't want him breaking anything or worse yet stealing anything.  Thanks, Diana  - COO  Management Team, Its been quiet, no signs of a break in and we haven't seen anybody as of late. Parker keeps showing up in the day but thankfully he isn't bothering anyone. He just waits for the robot show to start and nothing more. I did manage to speak to someone he was with. said he wasn't always this nut

It is gone.

Parker's Paranormal Page 10/29/XX94 The humming. it stopped.  I visited the mall like I said I would nothing significant happened everything was turned off, but when I woke up the next morning (yesterday) the humming was gone. But that is the problem. I became so accustomed to it that day and now without it I feel a piece of me is missing. It feels like an addiction I cannot cure. I have tried drowning it out with every substance I own but nothing compares. The closest I've gotten was by running the microwave but I can't keep that on all the time, my mom complained that I would break the thing. The hum felt like I finally held some purpose. I spent all day today at the mall, waiting for The Headline to speak to me again. But nothing, absolutely nothing. I waited for hours even pleaded with the staff to let me wait after close but of course they weren't having any of it. It is no use talking to my friends, they are still calling bullshit. They wouldn't understand, it


  Parker's Paranormal Page  10/27/XX94 HEY  READERS! Thanks for tuning into this special post.  As many of you know I am a frequent visitor of the Clock-Court Mall since I am local and many of you have been asking about more details regarding the new stage show with that old mascot they repurposed. I went recently to watch an ACTUAL band but THATS NOT THE POINT! I went early to hang with friends and we happened to catch the automated robo-show and it was incredible! my friends thought so too but at the end something strange happened. The robot looked directly at me and his tv head started displaying a hypnotic swirl. It felt like it lasted for ages, just spinning, and humming. But when it stopped, my friends had no recollection of the event and called me crazy or said I was just high ( there is NO way any kind of doja would be doing something like that). I've been talking on local forums and other people who were there and NO ONE  is taking what I am saying seriously!  Surely I

This Elevator Goes Down.

 Ding! The elevator doors swiftly open and I am dragged inside. This Elevator Goes Down,  And down is where it takes me. I find new levels of low as I descend deeper and deeper. Deeper through my mall of a mind, diving into feelings long left behind, digging up emotions I had left buried under clouds of smoke. This elevator will not open, - This Elevator Goes Down,  And deeper is where I go. I remember the things I left here, memories meant to be forgotten, thoughts not to be thought of, and reminders that this elevator only holds myself and no one else. This elevator will not stop here, - - This Elevator Goes Down,  And down is never closer. I don't know why I got on in the first place.  I should have left the past down this shaft, along with all memories of mistakes. But I didn't have a choice. What is buried isn't gone for good. This elevator is my perfect reflection, a prison made of mirrors. - - - This Elevator Goes Down, And like tomorrow, it is not reachable. So for