Megan Sinclair Tribute Blog (Post 1)

  It's been over three years since Megan Sinclair disappeared, leaving us all with more questions than answers. Her family has decided it's time to plan her funeral since after all this time the police have admitted to having absolutely zero leads. Megan and I had been friends for years, I even reached out to her family back when she first vanished.

In her memory, I've decided to create this blog, a place to remember her and the connection we shared. Megan and I met through forum postings, where we explored the mysteries of 'The Midnight Dimension.' We became fast friends due to our shared interest of the show.

As I sift through her old writings and chatlogs, I can't help but feel the weight of the unanswered questions surrounding her disappearance. It just seemed so sudden, she didn’t do anything dangerous. Its just like she had vanished off the face of the earth.

This blog will serve as a tribute to Megan and her curiosity. And hopefully help me and others who knew her understand why she disappeared

In the coming days, I'll be re-publishing some of Megan's old blog entries, sharing some of our chatlogs, and just  remembering who Megan was.

I will use green italicized font for any old posts, messages, or otherwise. While also detailing what they were and when they were made.

Any commentary I wish to add will be in non-italicized pink font.

Megan had been just posting on threads surrounding The Midnight Dimension for some time. But for this blog I will be starting at when she first started making her own threads.

On October 14th 2003 midnightmeg88 created a new thread. -GREAT YARD SALE FIND-

> I found one! After searching for what feels like forever I finally have a physical copy of the first season of The Midnight Dimension. I was walking home from work today and passed a garage sale which had the first half of the first season at the bottom of a box full of other tapes. Also being sold was a VHS player television, one that looks just like the Headline! I just got back from lugging this thing home, thank god it wasn't far from my house. I’ll be sending my copy over to a friend who can upload it here. But only after I watch it myself first!

The friend Meg was talking about was me, She sent me the VHS tape less than a week after she had gotten it. I had at the time a pretty sophisticated setup for uploading these things as I had found a few episodes/clips myself on old TV recordings. I think before I get too far into this I should explain what exactly “The Midnight Dimension” was.

The Midnight Dimension is an old TV show based around the radio show of the same name. Unfortunately it never really reached a wide audience, and much of both the radio show and the TV show were (and still are) considered lost media. But thanks to Megan we have at least the first six full episodes of the TV show. The show would start with a host named The Headline narrating and introducing us to the premise of the episode. The stories typically involve  a character wanting something, but then getting it in a way they in no way actually wanted. For instance the first episode involves a man wishing he could just be left alone, and then he is trapped in isolation until he “learns his lesson”.  After The Headline welcomed us into The Midnight Dimension, he would turn on his television head and the camera would zoom in onto the screen to display the episode. The episodes would always take place on the same set, this will become more important later. But for now all you really need to know is that before Megan’s find all we had of the show were a couple episodes and clips of others which were saved on in home recordings of or in between other shows. Megan had messaged me before posting this very excited about her find. I shared the same enthusiasm as her. I had posted my own findings to threads so she was happy to have something she could claim as her own contribution.

I will be posting more over the next week or two, and please feel free to comment about Megan or even just about the show. I know she would appreciate either one.


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