Megan Sinclair Tribute Blog (Post 3)

 I mentioned in my previous post some of the pushback Megan faced, though honestly it was more akin to harassment. I do not believe this was what led to her disappearance however. I will explain further in the post.

On October 26th 2003 midnightmeg88 created a new thread.
-Phone number leaked-
> ok i dont know which one of you did it or even how but i have been getting phone calls from a multitude of people. Some who are trying to scare me by impersonating creators of the show, and some who are just calling to insult me. my parents are starting to get really pissed about this and ive done nothing wrong. no matter how many times you call i WILL NOT throw away my copy of the show, and there is no way you can convince me the creators of a dead show would try and sue me over finding something as trivial as a filming location. And also what does my TV have to do with any of this, many of you have been calling and making replies on my posts to destroy this thing. AS IF! why would i have any reason to do this? i am not going to stop looking for this place and my parents are changing the house number soon anyway.

She would message me a lot about these occurrences, they weren't so much harmful, as they were just extremely frequent. She detailed a few of these calls to me and described them as robotic. Like if you were to call customer service and an automated voice were to play. Even more strange however, they would interact and respond in completely natural ways. And would constantly insist they were in fact real people.  My best guess is some people with too much free time and some really nice voice filters. I do not think this led to her disappearance.
I need to stress that when police investigated her disappearance, there were zero signs of forced entry or struggle, scent dogs couldn't even pickup a trail leaving the house. There was no evidence she ran away either not online or in person. Again, it was like she had vanished off the face of this earth.

On November 13th 2003 midnightmeg88 created a new thread.
-dead ends.-
> Maybe you all were right. all  i have found in the past few days were dead ends and zero leads. even if it was filmed on a set i dont even know where that set would be. There is no place called clock court mall. That seems even remotely close to what i am looking for is an old clock tower courtyard in some remote area called Constellation Tower. The only thing that looks exactly like from the show, but its probably just where they drew inspiration because again. No. Mall.
I might be able to visit it when i go see my aunt and uncle. Even if its just to go see it. But that wont be until around christmas. I am going to keep looking, but maybe just not as actively for now.

Megan was pretty defeated at this point. She entered an almost depressive state. We still talked but she just wasn't the same. She wouldn't make any more blog posts until that trip unless it was to reply to a few threads. I was worried about her, but at the time and honestly now I have no clue how something like this would've gotten to her so badly. Though i am glad i was able to stick around for her.

We are nearing the end of the trail in terms of what Megan left behind before her disappearance. I am going to her funeral, so I will make a post after that to sort of conclude this blog. But for now I will continue to share anything that might be useful.


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