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Janitorial Services

I had spent over 3 months searching for a job. Despite the abundance of opportunities no one was willing to take a chance on me. I don't remember applying for this job, but then again when I was sent the email I had applied to well over 300 jobs so I could very well have just forgotten.  I made my way to the computer library like I did everyday before collecting scrap to sell and checked my email on the public computer. <> Hello EMIL KURAK ,  Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!  Congratulations! You have been offered a job at CLOCK COURT MALL as a RESIDENT CLEANER. We at the Clock-court have heard, and been touched by your story. And we are terribly sorry to hear about your DEAD WIFE, and HOMELESSNESS, and IMPOVERISHED SITUATION. Because of your tricky situation, we believe you should accept this job offer. Benefits include but are limited to: - A Home! - Survivable SALARY! To accept this blessing, CLICK HERE To deny yourself of a

Changing Channels

The Headline's face flickered to life. His song was playing, he was playing it.   On stage, surrounded by an audience, surrounded by his friends, his bandmates. Then the hum began, as it always did,  in it's universal tone. Filling the CRT with images and the speakers with noise. Patrons of the Mall remain oblivious to this frequency but eventually they will succumb. The Headline was still playing his song. *BANG*               *BANG* The Headline had been shot, He could feel it as he collapsed to the ground. The crowd began to disappear as curtains closed around the band, sheltering the injured robot in darkness. *Clang!*               *Clang!* Rang the Clock-Tower, The Headline's face flickered to life. The performance was over,  maybe it had been for a while. The Headline could not tell.. Alarmed, and confused, he remained completely still. The electronic puppet had no way of crying, it was not in his design.  Sensors indicated his bandmate Maximum Overdrive was looking