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I had spent over 3 months searching for a job. Despite the abundance of opportunities no one was willing to take a chance on me. I don't remember applying for this job, but then again when I was sent the email I had applied to well over 300 jobs so I could very well have just forgotten. 
I made my way to the computer library like I did everyday before collecting scrap to sell and checked my email on the public computer.



Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!

You have been offered a job at CLOCK COURT MALL as a RESIDENT CLEANER.
We at the Clock-court have heard, and been touched by your story. And we are terribly sorry to hear about your DEAD WIFE, and HOMELESSNESS, and IMPOVERISHED SITUATION. Because of your tricky situation, we believe you should accept this job offer.
Benefits include but are limited to:
- A Home!
- Survivable SALARY!

To accept this blessing, CLICK HERE
To deny yourself of a better life, DO not click here.

Despite the oddness of the email, I did need cash, and a home. I clicked the link and it told me of my duties. They seemed simple enough, I would live in the mall in an apartment they would provide for me and in return I just clean whatever they tell me to. They promised not to overwork me, but did notify me that I would be on call. Which was no worry of mine since its a salary pay.

I arrived that Saturday morning to unpack the few things I owned and was surprised to see the size of my new home. I had a full bedroom, a large living room, a kitchen with enough space for a whole family to cook a meal in, an office room, a bathroom with a tub and a shower, and a half bath attached to the office. The size of this place was also greatly exaggerated by the sheer lack of furniture. I wasn't expecting any anyway, but they did at least provide me a futon, and a brand new company phone. This wasn't my first phone, but the first in a long time. After I set it up, I checked my email app which already had an email logged in. It appeared to be my work email. Which already had something waiting in the inbox.



At 12:37am tonight, leave your apartment and report to the center of the mall (where the clock tower is) to clean the spill. Return to your apartment by 2:00AM. There will be no mess tomorrow morning, feel free to SLEEP IN.

So I did as was instructed. The mall didn't seem to sleep, as the neon lights were still on and the intercom was gently pushing soft elevator jazz through the building. Waiting for me at the foot of the clock tower was a mop bucket, a mop, and a wet floor sign. I had no clue what happened here but the spill was too dark to make out, I assume it was someone's smoothie or something. I made quick work of the mess and set out the sign. I looked up at the tower, it was 12:55. I still had some time before I had to be back, so I decided to take a scenic route back. I went up the escalators which of course were still on, and admired the vast open architecture of this place. from no matter which floor I was on the ceiling seemed forever away. Though the neon was bright, if it wasn't for the full moon this place would be pretty dark.


The clock tower startled me. It was quite loud and echoed through the large open space. I imagined the silence it commanded from guests whenever it went off. If I didn't want to sleep as badly as I did, I felt I could get lost in awe at the small intricate details the mall had to offer. I continued into the elevator which with a tap of my badge would open right into the entryway. I fell straight onto the futon and passed out.

This would go on for some time, I'd wake up to an email detailing my assignment. I would go and clean, come back and sleep. Pretty simple work, and I couldn't complain. Though after a month now, I have begun to notice strange things happening. Sometimes decorations would be placed throughout the mall which didn't match the season, other times the entire mall would appear empty or abandoned. The messes were never too large, but recently they have stopped being small, or even messes. One of my most recent jobs was to move boxes from one end of the storage room, just to move them back to where they were not even 12 hours later. But today was a cleaning job.



At 1:00pm today please leave your apartment take care of sweeping the bottom floor of the mall. You will be provided the tools needed for this large job. You will be provided FOOD & WATER. Take your time to avoid INJURY OF THE MIND AND BODY.  Our team would like to thank you for your service and dedication to the Clock-court brand, when you finish your job please report to the center of the mall to receive !!REWARD!!

This style of typing is not abnormal for them, and honestly I've become really used to it. What has bothered me however, are these emails are the only way I have been contacted by my employers. I haven't even seen anyone else working here, though that could be due to the time I am working. But zero phone calls, in person meetings, nothing, just emails. Maybe today that would change since I actually work before nightfall, or maybe when I receive the... reward.

At exactly 1:00pm I left my apartment through the elevator and anticipated the sounds of people echoing through the mall, as I'd imagine this is when everyone would visit. but the elevator doors opened to absolutely not a sound. The only noise I could hear was the ticking and tocking of the clock tower. the broom was laying in front of the elevator doors, almost a tripping hazard, but I had learned to expect this sort of thing. It was bright with lots of sunlight beaming through, which is normal, but all the lights were off. Was the mall closed for the day? Where was everyone?
 I shrugged these questions off and began my job. The broom I was given was remarkably small for the task that lay ahead. But honestly I wasn't too bothered. The "Survivable" salary was more than enough for me to live on and then some. And even though this would be one of the longer jobs I've done, it wasn't like these kinds of things were often. The mall had been good to me for all extensive purposes, so I saw no reason to complain about such a trivial thing. 
Speaking of good to me, after about a quarter of the first hallway was swept I noticed one of the stores in the middle of the hallway had a bag with my name on it. It was a sub from the restaurant a few stories above. I sat for a while to enjoy the meal while observing the scenery of the mall. At the current moment the mall truly looked dead. Not even the music was playing today. After finishing my meal and throwing away my trash I went back to where I left my broom only to be met with a larger, push broom. I didn't see anyone replace it, though I could've been distracted. I wish they would've said hello. Its been quite some time since I've actually seen someone other than to do groceries.  I continued down the mall with my push broom, making faster work of this job. There were a few more spots which had snacks and various meals laid out for me. I didn't stop at every one simply because there were so many of them. But when I did, my broom would be replaced or changed just making my job ever so slightly easier. Once I had finished all the way at the other end of the mall it had been over 2 hours. The only company that would make their presence known was the clock tower which chimed at the top of each hour. I made my way back towards the clock tower, taking any food I left behind with me. May as well not let it go to waste if it was mine, or even worse leave it as a mess for someone else to clean. There didn't appear to be anyone at the clock tower when I got there. So I sat and waited for some time. after about 10 minutes I decided to check my phone to see if there was any update. Nothing. 
 I think maybe they will get back to me. I don't want to bother them for a gift anyways so maybe I will just go back home for now. I stood up and b-


It was 4pm, no.. 12am? The clock tower's faces lit up the now pitch black mall as a buzzing began to emit over the intercom. I could see myself standing in front of the tower, I could see the mall sitting in the city, and the city in the state, and even further I could see my planet sitting in the galaxy which sat in the universe which sat in time. I felt myself becoming, knowing, seeing, I was changing. and it was rapidly. My body felt like it had been inverted and my soul like it had been split. or connected. Millions, billions, infinite pieces of myself began to kaleidoscope across this space. I can't comprehend exactly what is happening to me, but I know it is happening. This was the gift, an act of kindness, the gift of the truth. Though the truth hurts, it hurts to bear witness to, not because its mean, its not rude. It isn't nice, it simply wasn't, it isn't. It is as if I was being sang to in a different language it was fracturing me. I can't take this. I cant take it I don't want to understand you need to let go of my mind, please put it back. I can't comprehend I don't want to comprehend even, I don't want this I can't accept this gift! I j-

I blinked a couple of times at the face of the mall, I felt my cheeks and tapped them just to prove my existence. I understand my placement here now, I understand the point of my jobs, I may not comprehend these things, but I do understand.
For now, it's time for me to go home,
and eventually,
 get back to work.


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