Brief Intermission

 The static envelopes him. He only fell deeper as the noisy white grey louder.  Falling deeper wasn't falling down. But further in. And he was fine with that. It was just a matter of waiting for some clarity. A clear signal. A brief connection.  This was only intermission. A time between the beginning and the end. He swam through the static endlessly. And when the channel changed, he knew he would return here again. And he was fine with that. What begins will end, and begin again. And what ends will begin, only to end again.

Megan Sinclair Tribute Blog (Post 4)

  Hi everyone, Megan’s funeral is less than a week away now and this will likely be one of the last posts I make here. I’ve managed to do some more digging to find these posts (big thank you to Cynthia and Tyler) and I think it might give us some more insight. During the time she was posting these, messages between Megan made it seem like she made a complete attitude flip. She was  noticeably happier, it could have been just christmas holiday spirit but she would talk endlessly about the clock tower near her aunt and uncles place. So I am guessing that is the primary source of her happiness. She was still receiving messages and calls from randos, encouraging her to stay away from the tower, stop all investigation. But she remained completely unphased by them this time. On December 14th 2003 midnightmeg88 created a new thread. -Constellation Tower- > i am finally at my Aunt and Uncles place, its where my family is all meeting up this year. And that clocktower i mentioned before is le

Megan Sinclair Tribute Blog (Post 3)

  I mentioned in my previous post some of the pushback Megan faced, though honestly it was more akin to harassment. I do not believe this was what led to her disappearance however. I will explain further in the post. On October 26th 2003 midnightmeg88 created a new thread. -Phone number leaked- > ok i dont know which one of you did it or even how but i have been getting phone calls from a multitude of people. Some who are trying to scare me by impersonating creators of the show, and some who are just calling to insult me. my parents are starting to get really pissed about this and ive done nothing wrong. no matter how many times you call i WILL NOT throw away my copy of the show, and there is no way you can convince me the creators of a dead show would try and sue me over finding something as trivial as a filming location. And also what does my TV have to do with any of this, many of you have been calling and making replies on my posts to destroy this thing. AS IF! why would i have

Maximum Overdrive

At 12:02am Maximum Overdrive was alerted. He worried not of where this alert came from, it was natural for a machine to receive orders. He received orders through a frequency of noise which he was always perfectly tuned to. The speakers on his boombox head lit up with color as he made his pre-boot checks. Maximum Overdrive is aware of his purposes - Greet visitors of the mall. - Encourage patrons to buy more. - Provide friendly and helpful customer service. - Correct any abnormalities in The Headline. Tonight he was tasked with: > Correct any abnormalities in The Headline MxO first scanned the show stage for any sign of The Headline.  Negative The Headline's location was pinging close to the clock tower. Methodically, MxO moved through the tall hallways. Despite his rugged, "street" appearance, Maximum was certainly the more dignified of the two mascots. Maximum had a softer, more gentle voice. His lit up speakers also assisted in the more personable appearance.  Maxim

Megan Sinclair Tribute Blog (Post 2)

  Hello everyone, Thank you for all the kind words about Megan, and a big thanks to The Midnight Dimension fan community. I know a lot of you were also close to meg, she loved this show and community more than anything. I don’t have too much to say today so I’ll let Megan do the talking :) On October 19th 2003 midnightmeg88 added to a thread. - NEW FOOTAGE DUMP - >I am glad everyone is enjoying the new found episodes. i’ve been receiving LOTS of positive messages from everyone thanking me but i would like to stress that even with my find, I wouldn't have been able to get these to everyone without the help from tomH12am and his AWESOME recording setup. So send some thanks to him as well. tomH12am was my old screen name, I don't go by that username anymore though. On October 21st 2003 midnightmeg88 created a new thread. -Filming Location?- >OK! now that this has been in circulation for a while, i have got to ask about something thats been on my mind for a while. Where was t

Megan Sinclair Tribute Blog (Post 1)

    It's been over three years since Megan Sinclair disappeared, leaving us all with more questions than answers. Her family has decided it's time to plan her funeral since after all this time the police have admitted to having absolutely zero leads. Megan and I had been friends for years, I even reached out to her family back when she first vanished. In her memory, I've decided to create this blog, a place to remember her and the connection we shared. Megan and I met through forum postings, where we explored the mysteries of 'The Midnight Dimension.' We became fast friends due to our shared interest of the show. As I sift through her old writings and chatlogs, I can't help but feel the weight of the unanswered questions surrounding her disappearance. It just seemed so sudden, she didn’t do anything dangerous. Its just like she had vanished off the face of the earth. This blog will serve as a tribute to Megan and her curiosity. And hopefully help me and others


The waterpark doesn't really ever close, a fact which you take advantage of often. It's dark outside, and barely brighter inside. Bright yet distant neon reflects on the rippling waters below and street lamps line smooth brick paths. None of them are on but that's never been an issue before. Eventually you make it to the stairs which lead up to the slide. The park was always empty around this time, so the only noises to hear were those of your feet on wet cement, gentle hums of distant generators, and the movement of still water. Reaching the top of the slide, you push the button which activates the flow of water. You're quite familiar with this process; you wait for the red light to turn green. When it does you send yourself down the enclosed slide and breath deeply in the smell of chlorine. The slide was never quite that fast but that's not what you come here for. Music begins to reach your ears as you go further and further down the slide. You welcome the gentle