Megan Sinclair Tribute Blog (Post 2)

 Hello everyone,

Thank you for all the kind words about Megan, and a big thanks to The Midnight Dimension fan community. I know a lot of you were also close to meg, she loved this show and community more than anything. I don’t have too much to say today so I’ll let Megan do the talking :)

On October 19th 2003 midnightmeg88 added to a thread.
>I am glad everyone is enjoying the new found episodes. i’ve been receiving LOTS of positive messages from everyone thanking me but i would like to stress that even with my find, I wouldn't have been able to get these to everyone without the help from tomH12am and his AWESOME recording setup. So send some thanks to him as well.

tomH12am was my old screen name, I don't go by that username anymore though.

On October 21st 2003 midnightmeg88 created a new thread.
-Filming Location?-
>OK! now that this has been in circulation for a while, i have got to ask about something thats been on my mind for a while. Where was this show filmed? The mall shown is so distinct you would think a mall built around a giant clock tower would be more notable right? But I cant find anything, and ive been searching since i finished watching like a week ago. If anyone has any information on this place please add to the thread i am dying to know more.

Not literally :P thanks for the help!

I mentioned this before, but every episode of The Midnight Dimension had been filmed in the exact same location each episode. And yes this could have been a budget constraint but the only information we have on the old radio show describes stories taking place in a very similar setting. People have tried making theories, but when we only have half of a show to watch there really isn’t much to go off of.

On October 23rd 2003 midnightmeg88 replied to a post.
-Filming location?-
On october 23rd 2003 ******* added to a thread.
> Maybe it was just a set? It was probably just a set. There is no mall like that anywhere. I don’t know why you keep looking for something that isn't real.

>> a lot of people have said this already. And ive already said this but ill say it again. Can you really look at the footage of this show and tell me its not an actual place? They show the camera moving into each room the characters do its not like the whole thing is jump cuts. This has to be a real place. There is no way they couldve pulled off the shots they did without it being a physical place. Not with the technology they had then, not at their budget. Also there is ZERO reason to be so rude. Ik ur new but theres no reason to be so bitter about a show we all want to know about.

This is only one of the replies Megan had made to some of the posts in that thread. Many posts said the same thing this person had said and Megan had become increasingly annoyed by these types of replies. I only know this for a fact because she messaged me about them as she was replying to them. Many of these posters were new to the forums, so I suspected most of them hadn’t read Meg’s previous replies but honestly that did little to console her. I told her I would keep searching with her because I did agree with the points she had made. But all evidence I did find was further proof that this mall simply wasn’t a place.

On October 25th 2003 midnightmeg88 created a new thread.
> I was rewatching the episodes again and I noticed something I hadn’t before. In episode 3 about 12 minutes and 12 seconds in there is an establishing shot of the outside of the mall. It only shows half of the sign but it looks like it says “Clock-Court Mall”. That has to be what we need to look for!

I remember being supportive of this find Megan had discovered. Some others weren’t that convinced though. And if I am being completely honest, looking back at this photo I have no idea how she was able to make it out. But what was important is that she did find an at least serviceable lead! The only problem now was that whenever we tried to search for “Clock-Court Mall” we were met with even more dead ends and pushback.  Meg met the brunt of this pushback directly, though some of you probably already know what I am talking about but I will go into more detail later in a future post.  Again thank you for all the kind messages, I hope Megan is able to see all your words of support wherever she may be right now.


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