Megan Sinclair Tribute Blog (Post 4)

 Hi everyone, Megan’s funeral is less than a week away now and this will likely be one of the last posts I make here. I’ve managed to do some more digging to find these posts (big thank you to Cynthia and Tyler) and I think it might give us some more insight. During the time she was posting these, messages between Megan made it seem like she made a complete attitude flip. She was  noticeably happier, it could have been just christmas holiday spirit but she would talk endlessly about the clock tower near her aunt and uncles place. So I am guessing that is the primary source of her happiness. She was still receiving messages and calls from randos, encouraging her to stay away from the tower, stop all investigation. But she remained completely unphased by them this time.

On December 14th 2003 midnightmeg88 created a new thread.
-Constellation Tower-
> i am finally at my Aunt and Uncles place, its where my family is all meeting up this year. And that clocktower i mentioned before is less than a 5 minute bike ride from their place! i visited it today and let me tell you, it was so beautiful. not only did it look just like the show’s clocktower but it was just a nice place to hang out. benches surround the tower as does the brick pathing in a neat square. This thing is also apparently super old over 200 years the info plaque said. it is called ‘Constellation Tower’ and every so often people in town hold a moon festival that takes place when there is a full moon. on those days, right at midnight, the moon sits directly above the clock tower and it causes the face of the tower to reflect the moonlight and project stars all along the pavilion (reading almost directly from the plaque there). i really want to be able to see that happen, but there is no festival this full moon. The full moon also isnt until the 8th of next month so I really could be out of luck.

She ended up being able to stay at her family's place pretty much until the end of the winter break, her parents said it was because school was out for an extended period of time and they felt Megan needed some time away from home anyway. She would visit the clock tower consistently during this time, just as excited to talk about it as if it were the first time she had seen it. She made many blog posts about this structure, but none of them are as relevant as the one I am about to share. The one about the night she was most excited, the full moon. Despite the absence of the festival the clock tower would operate just as promised.

On January 8th 2004 midnightmeg88 added to a thread.
-Constellation Tower-
>>>>>> After many visits I finally got to see it, and it was just as beautiful as I had hoped. At 12:00am the bells let out three resonate rings and moonlight activated the stars. If I listened closely, I could hear a soft music box coming from within the tower. I am so happy I had went, I felt as if this experience has completely changed me. Though there is something strange. After I had been in a sort of awe for a while I noticed something was off about one of the bricks in the tower. I reached out for it and it was loose. I pulled it from the tower gently and noticed this was not a brick, it was a VHS Tape labeled ‘The Midnight Dimension: PILOT’.
I am not sure how long the tape had been there, or if someone on this thread had planted it. Either way, for my safety I don’t think I will return to the tower. Not alone anyway. When I get home I will share my findings of this tape. Hopefully it is legit, and not some sort of prank.

But she never did. This was the final post Megan Sinclair would ever make. She disappeared just one day before the new year, after she went home from holidays. Every belonging had been left behind and not a single trace of her would ever be found. If she ran away it would have been in the middle of the day. Her parents say she went into her room to watch the tape. And when they went to get her for dinner she just simply was not there. She had just vanished.

As I stated before, I am going to her funeral very soon. I will make a final post when I get home. But as of right now there is nothing left to share. Thank you all for all the kind words and thoughts left on this blog. And thank you to everyone who helped me find some of these threads Megan left behind. It has been a privilege for me to run this blog and I am happy we could remember her together.


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