THE HEADLINE Makes Headlines.

The recently renovated Clock Court Mall faces a tough situation when on ~̶̧̹͖͔̳̈͛̓̀̽̊̿̉̾͆͜~̴̥̥̹̜͊̿̀͑`̴̭͇̖̠͕͚͌́̑́͛̃͠͝`̸̤͐̌̔~̸͕͚̬͋̑̌͘day a young man named Parker Green brought a pistol into the shopping center and fired at the new animatronic star The Headline and then at himself ending his own life. Mall officials estimate  over 250 in attendance at the mall that day a majority of which were there to watch the animatronic show as a brand new set was being debut at the time of the incident. Witnesses of this event say when the robot was shot many scattered and hid in whatever store they could, but security couldn't stop parker before he shot himself soon after the robot. Everyone we spoke to said the robot screamed when shot, reacted almost as if it was in pain by grabbing at the "wound" Parker left. Despite his human-like reaction, mall officials (and some patrons, who attempted to aid the machine) confirmed that the robot was just that, and no person other than the Parker was harmed during this incident.

Parker's Parents had no comment for our press team but his friends offered this,

"Parker had been running this paranormal blog. It really never got much attention besides a few friends and very few actual readers. He never experienced anything majorly paranormal himself, he was a normal kid who just really liked paranormal stories. But something changed on that day we all went to the mall. He started talking about how the robot was speaking to him, showing him things we couldn't see or hear. His blog just became ramblings, almost like he had lost his mind completely. We thought it was just some elaborate bit he was trying to pull on us. We called him a liar. We do not know why he did this. I wish we had just one more chance to ask him why. We all miss him, even if he was weird at times he truly had a good heart. He never would harm anyone, I can almost guarantee that he made sure no one else would be hurt. Just leave his family alone for now. They are most blindsided by this after all they had no clue about his blog."

If you would like to support Parker's family during this difficult time, the Clock Court Mall is hosting a fundraiser in his honor with full proceeds going to his family to help pay for his memorial service. Mall officials have this to say:

"We have known Parker for some time, him and his family have been in the area since before we opened our doors and he has been nothing but a pleasure to have in our establishment whether it be with his family, friends, or just himself. Though we do not know why exactly Parker did what he did, we in no way hold any grudge against him, his family, or his friends, and have nothing but well wishes to extend to them. As for The Headline, we will be fixing him in due time. None of the fundraising proceeds will go to repairing the animatronic, the original manufacturer said he will take it from his own pocket to fix the robot.

Thank you and be well.

Let's Buy a Better Tomorrow.
Clock Court Mall CFO, Jessica Madroza"


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