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Thanks for tuning into this special post. 

As many of you know I am a frequent visitor of the Clock-Court Mall since I am local and many of you have been asking about more details regarding the new stage show with that old mascot they repurposed. I went recently to watch an ACTUAL band but THATS NOT THE POINT! I went early to hang with friends and we happened to catch the automated robo-show and it was incredible! my friends thought so too but at the end something strange happened. The robot looked directly at me and his tv head started displaying a hypnotic swirl. It felt like it lasted for ages, just spinning, and humming. But when it stopped, my friends had no recollection of the event and called me crazy or said I was just high ( there is NO way any kind of doja would be doing something like that). I've been talking on local forums and other people who were there and NO ONE  is taking what I am saying seriously! 

Surely I can't be the only one who has seen this right? If you have experienced anything similar please let me know. The rest of the night was quite normal, the concert was great but I couldnt  CAN'T  get that humming out of my head. and not as in a song stuck in my head I KEEP HEARING IT!

Ever since last light it has just been the same "mmmmmmmmmm" Thankfully it isn't very loud but I don't want people to think im going crazy. Feels like im surrounded by microwaves. I am going to visit the mall again sometime tonight to see if anything else happens. As always I'll keep you all updated with anything interesting that happens and until then stay safe and happy hunting Paranormal FREAKS!


I am not a great artist, but im going to attach a picture of The Headline for you all. Despite all the weirdness I want to stress I had a great time watching the show and bravo to the mall!

The Headline " mmmmmmmmmmm"


  1. Clock-Court Mall acknowledges no presence of the "paranormal" in our malls or our mascots! If you experience delusions such as these please speak to staff in the mall and you will be handed to the appropriate mental authorities.
    If you claim to experience and then publish accounts of any such events swift legal action will be taken.

    Thanks! -MGMT


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