Re: Parker Paranormal

 On Sat, `̴̭͇̖͌́̑́͛̃͠͝~̸͕͋̑̌͘ XX, 20XX, 4:32 PM Diana Zachlan <> wrote:

Good Evening Team,

As I'm sure some of you have encountered already there is a college aged young man inquiring a lot about our Headline animatronic. We have seen his blog and are monitoring it, and we request you do the same. Typically we appreciate attention given to our new attraction, however what concerns us is his intention to break into the mall. If you see him anywhere on premises please just call the cops and let us know. I don't think he is dangerous but we don't want him breaking anything or worse yet stealing anything. 

Diana  - COO

 Management Team,

Its been quiet, no signs of a break in and we haven't seen anybody as of late. Parker keeps showing up in the day but thankfully he isn't bothering anyone. He just waits for the robot show to start and nothing more. I did manage to speak to someone he was with. said he wasn't always this nutto and no one really knows whats going on besides whatever he is posting on his blog. We will keep an eye out making sure he doesn't keep his promise of visiting while we're closed but until he actually does anything I don't reckon there's any harm letting him enjoy the place when we're open

We will keep you updated,

Charles - Chief Security


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