At 12:00am the spotlight activated again,

Illuminating the stage below it, The HEADLINE moved into the light. In terms of company, the spotlight and the current is all Headline had. It wasn't showtime, it knew that, but still he begun to hum. Electric current ran through the entire mall, and with it would bring a hum. The Headline attuned to this frequency, the hum would arrive in waves and bleed through old light fixtures, through amplifiers, microwaves, even the lamp posts which illuminated the old courtyard.

The Headline's cathode ray tube brings itself to light as the moonlight stretches throughout the long halls of the mall. It's channel changing, aligning with the frequency of the mall but then silence. It had been cut off from the hum of the mall. it was alone again.

It had gotten too close.

The Headline despite being a series of metal and wires knew it had to move. It lifted its metal legs ignoring the solid steel bolts which had secured it's feet to the ground. It knew it was never designed to move, but this time it had been allowed to.

The Headline limped down the hallway steadily gaining it's balance as the metal of his body bent to the will of The Headline. It wandered the quiet empty halls trying to find the right channel, to find some hidden reception. Searching for answers to questions that were never pondered.

They made their way through the mall to it's first set of escalators. Something snapped as it stepped, and it proceeded to fall all the way down. Undeterred, he picked itself up off the ground feeling its now cracked face. He could feel the frequency growing in strength, his face still emitting a glow of static, he made his way closer and closer.

His walking turned to a crawl as it's mechanical systems failed him, its legs unable to move he dug his hands into the marble of the mall floor and his head gaining scratches as it is dragged along.
Eventually The Headline reached brick, and knew it was as close as ever. With great struggle it pulled himself to his feet and looked up at the clock tower, it's face reaching his.

It kneeled before the large brick structure, the hum was growing louder. It was inside of him.
Headline felt along the crack in his skull and dug his fingers into the glass. With great struggle, it began to rip open the tv screen unveiling wires. It's face no longer illuminated, but it felt the promise of noise arriving.

The Headline's attempt would be in vain however, it hoped to release it's energy and for his thoughts to become diluted into the sea of frequency and being.

The robot was set to sit for a while, to be left contemplating whether it would be gifted it's release, its "death"

The shattered corpse of a machine lay dormant at the foot of the clock tower. There he lays unmoving, but still thinking.

The clock read 12:01 and only the gentle hum of the generator could be heard through the empty mall.


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