Be Kind, Rewind.

 There was nothing left,

At the end of the day there was only silence. 

No more would the marbled floor be met with the rubber of shoes,
 No more would the halls be filled with conversation and laughter,
  No more would doors open and welcome guests inside,

At the end of the day there were only memories.
       No more to be made.
        No more brief romances to be etched into stone brick,
         No more getting lost in the endless grasp of retail

At the end of the day all that was left was rubble.

And as time passes, memories will fade, this place will be forgotten.
 Any memories passed down will be lost, 
  And no amount of preservation will matter if there is not one to observe it.

At the end of time there will be nothing, 
At the end of time there will be no one
At the end of time, 
                               We will be as one.

Our presence will flow through time;

 like an inner tube through a lazy river,
   like the electric current through a building,
    like the cathode rays through a tube television.

We will be nothing,

We will be nothing but everything.

And when we truly reach the end,

the only thing left, is to begin again.

Be Kind, Rewind.


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